We design & fabricate equipment ranging from Launch & Recovery Systems to Subsea Tooling

with a 100% focus on the environment.

About Us

Our team has more than 100 years combined experience from ROV and diving operations within oil and gas projects, research and salvage operations all over the world.

Based on our large experience with ROV operations, trenching and other deep sea operations, we have built an impressive track record. 

During many years with ultra deep operations we experienced the flaws & limitations with hydraulic oil operated tools first hand. 

With this in mind we developed a Water Hydraulic System to operate subsea tooling. The Water Hydraulic System made a huge inpact in the efficiency of our ultra deep projects. It is not often you can increase the total efficiency and at the same time save the environment. 100% water and 0% oil.

Deep Water Tooling can supply all types of tools for any project, we are designing and fabricating tools for oil and gas, subsea mining, renewable energy, science and salvage projects.

Together with our partners we have developed fully electric launch & recovery systems to be in the forefront of the Green change.

Together with our partners we can offer the complete chain from design to mobilization and operation of the systems