We can assist you all the way from planning stage to completed project.

Deep Water Tooling AS is the first Company to offer this complete package to

Subsea Clients all over the world.

The Mobilization is an important part of every project and Deep Water Tooling, as your supplier will naturally offer to provide specialized personnel to take part of this
by being on location and guide the crew and users to safely operating and installing
the Tool. Tool technicians to accompany on project is also available.
Quote for personnel is separately given upon request depending on location and
work scope.

All documentation and user manuals will be included in package.

For a detailed overview and measurements of our tools, please download our latest broschure below!


With our sister company Deep Water Services AS we have access to a wide range of high quality personnel.

Our team consists of:

- Technicians

- Mobilization Leaders

- Welders

- Designers

- Marine Engineers

- ROV Supervisors & Personnel

- Riggers

Subsea Tooling

We have a range of different excavating tools, all run on water-hydraulics

Launch & Recovery Systems

Launch & Recovery Systems

Highly mobile and tailor made LAR Systems for your needs

Highly mobile and tailor made LAR Systems for your needs

Spooling & Mobilization

Digitally precise backtension spooling units that are easy to transport and fully electrical